The Fashion Week Treasure Hunt: Kenneth Jay Lane Charm Necklace

posted on: Friday, 31 January 2014

Fashion Week kicks off in New York next week, which means fashion month is about to kick into gear and it's on like donkey kong for collecting cool pieces to showcase while moving around the world's fashion cities. Over the next few weeks, we'll be bringing you info on the pieces we've purchased for the trip. We're kicking off with a simple charm necklace from Kenneth Jay Lane that provides a basic statement with a big style push for any outfit. At £125, it won't break the bank but it might just break the heart of the fashionista who's lusting after it when your photo hits the wires. {Kenneth Jay Lane Necklace £125}

Claudia Schiffer covers Marie Claire UK March 2014

It's about time we started seeing the greats back on covers, don't you think? So hats off to Marie Claire UK for bringing back one of the world's great supermodels for their March 2014 cover. That's a beautiful and ageless Claudia Schiffer staring back at you in a pale pink ensemble. The model is definitely showcasing the idea that 40 is the new 20! {Marie Claire}

FFG Travel Month Takeover: Los Angeles

It's been 24 hours since my plane landed at Heathrow airport and it already feels like Los Angeles was a lifetime ago. Something about getting off the plane in the pouring rain and near freezing temperatures made me want to turn around and fly straight back without any planning. Oh, LA, I miss your magic. While I have visited LA many times, these were all visits that happened pre-FFG. So for the first time ever I was able to see the city with a view of sharing with others. I visited shops, salons, hotels, restaurants and markets, all in the name of delivering the best of LA to you. 

Well, as I spent 11 days in Los Angeles roaming from hotel to hotel and stuffing myself to the point of no return, I realised I was overflowing with things to share. That's when the decision was made that Los Angeles would take over the blog for one month. So, from tomorrow, February 1st, there will be a different feature on Los Angeles every day throughout the entire month. We'll be featuring the best places to eat, sleep, shop and get red carpet ready. We're going to have you so set on recommendations you'll never need a tour guide again. Oh, and at the end of the month we'll package everything up in a nice little guide post to help you should you be visiting the city anytime soon.

I do hope you enjoy this new idea for FFG. If it's a hit we'll go on tour and start doing this once a month for 12 different cities a year. Sound good?

Enjoy and make sure to tell us if you visit and love. My dream for you all is that you get to visit this amazing city at least once in your lifetime. Let Los Angeles month begin...

MCM Pops Up at Selfridges

Last week, MCM popped up in central London with a prime location at one of London's leading department stores, Selfridges. Located on the ground level next to Topshop, the shop is open until February 28th and features some classic MCM styles with a few twists here and there. Take the backpacks, for example. The classic MCM backpacks have been given a special update with studs and luxe leather. There's even a special edition floral print made exclusively for Selfridges. From totes to chic keychains, there's more MCM here than we've ever seen in one place. Here's a glimpse at the space. If you're a fan, you're in for something special. If you're an MCM newbie you're in for a delightful new brand addiction problem. {Shop MCM at Selfridges}

Outfit du Jour: Stripes and Palm Trees

88 seconds of David Beckham on a motorcycle in a beautiful Belstaff ensemble

posted on: Thursday, 30 January 2014

For those of you that are big Beckham fans, this one's for you. Belstaff have just released their Spring Summer 2014 campaign video and it features the star of the show, Mr. David Beckham. So what to expect? Well, you'll see Beckham to-ing and fro-ing in the English countryside, hanging with beautiful pals and there's even a pretty epic bum shot. So all in a worthwhile 88 seconds. Watch, enjoy and fall in love with Beckham and Belstaff all over again.

Sophie Dahl covers Red Magazine March 2014 in Moschino and Valentino

Sophie Dahl is a legend in London. Actually, scratch that. Sophie Dahl is a legend internationally. This powerhouse is a modern day renaissance woman and has transformed herself over the years to be a  role model for some many populations of women. Now, she's pretty in pastels for the new Red Magazine cover. For March 2014, Dahl poses in a beautiful Moschino Dress and a Valentino Coat. The pairing is positively perfect. {Red Magazine}

Shocking: A music video Photoshop transformation

The power of Photoshop is a hot topic at the moment. The world is learning more and more about what we are capable or altering when it comes to both print and video content. Photoshop geniuses are true artists these days in creating the most elaborate faces and bodies based on what they believe to be the popular image of beauty. Well, one musician decided to devote an entire video to the controversy. It's worth a watch. Great song, powerful message. {Adfreak}

Is that a Van Gogh with Christian Louboutins in the foreground?

Christian Louboutin has once again left us with our jaws on the floor with their campaign imagery. This time around, for Spring Summer 2014, Louboutin has worked in collaboration with photographer Peter Lippmann to give us a bit of a floral burst. The images, as you can already see, take inspiration from some of the world's greatest artists, including Monet and Van Gogh.  Extravagance is the name of the game here with bouquets that dominate the canvas and Christian Louboutin bags and heels working as accents for the visuals. This is truly a beautiful presentation readying the masses for a floral explosion this spring summer.  {Christian Louboutin}

Delta brings back the 80's for new in-flight video

Delta are taking a trip back in time for their latest flight safety video. For just over five minutes, we're all thrown back to a decade where scrunchies were the height of fashion and a time when it was a good idea to wear lace with everything and everywhere. This one's for the children of the 80's. See how many references you get in watching the lengthy video. Our favourite part? Seeing Alf put on his oxygen mask. Alf, people... this is a moment.

Forget cash, Marc Jacobs only accepts tweets in this pop-up shop

We all know tweets are like currency these days. Brand exposure with social media is intense. Send the right tweet and by it's very viral nature, the word is spread far and wide. More exposure can sometimes come from one tweet than can be purchased in advertising with dozens of major newspapers. This is the power of social. So, who's the first to cash in on that power in the most literal sense? It looks like that honour is going to Marc Jacobs.

It has just been announced that Marc Jacobs will launch a pop-up shop during New York Fashion Week where you cannot buy anything using money, but you can purchase by sending a tweet. Perfect timing, if you ask us, with all the big fashion bloggers in town. Some of these girls have millions of followers and their messages are truly worth more than gold itself. So how does it all work? Well it appears no one is exactly sure how tweets will measure up to what you can purchase. The "Daisy Marc Jacobs Tweet Shop" seems to be set up as lounge area with nail stations, a photo booth and drinks on hand. So you'll have to mosey on down to the shop on the big day to find out more. Here's hoping there are handbags in the mix. {Luxuo}

Sneak Peak: Caroline Winberg's Red Magazine Fashion Moment

Red Magazine have given us an exclusive first look at their fashion collections feature starring model Caroline Winberg. Caroline wears all the hottest trends for Spring Summer 2014, for the March issue of Red Magazine, out on shelves on the 31st of January. From Christian Dior metallic accents to Louis Vuitton feathers, it's all happening here. Here's your first look, and keep an eye out for the March issue featuring cover girl Sophie Dahl to see the feature in full. {Red Online}

Elle Brazil features a studded trio for February 2014 cover

posted on: Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Honestly, why don't more magazines use covers to showcase all the new young faces in the industry? Why use one supermodel when you can have three?  Elle Brazil is showing off their supermodel power by doing just that with a trio decked out in studded black bathing suits in various cuts. Tis the season for bikini madness in some places around the world these days. Oh, for that to be the case in rainy England. We live to dream another day of sunshine and beaches. {Elle Brazil}

Outfit du Jour: Casual, mixed with Fendi

The Valentino Studded Havaianas Flip Flops have arrived on the scene

Valentino Studded Havaianas Flip Flops

Ready for some stud love? Ladies, Valentino have collaborated with Havaianas flip flops and they've created the must have casual footwear for the summer ahead (although summer feels like ages away here in London). The bright pink studs are striking against a camouflage print that will make for quite the colour pop. Wear with everything from jeans to a simple white dress. These are winners and a fabulous investment even if they are a bit steep for a pair of flip flops - £170. {Net-a-Porter}

Arizona Muse covers Vogue Turkey February 2014

posted on: Monday, 27 January 2014

Arizona Muse Vogue Turkey cover

Arizona Muse is your Vogue Turkey cover girl for February 2014, wearing a beautifully ornate dress from Prada. Shot in profile, we sure do get a good look at the brows that have helped make Arizona Muse a force to be reckoned with in the fashion world over the years. And yes, there's even a lesson to take away here with the styling of this cover. That dress is saying a million different things with some serious embellishment, so the stylist complimented the link with minimal jewelry - just a simple set of earrings. We're loving the simplicity of the styling and the main focus staying with the dress. {Vogue Turkey}

The most unexpected Instagram trio: Kobe Bryant, 50 Cent and Meryl Streep

Kobe's Instagram

When one uses the word "epic," one must be careful that it is reserved for moments that are truly monumental. If ever there were a reason to use the word today, on the 27th of January 2014, it's this Instagram picture that Kobe Bryant shared last night. Meryl Streep stands alongside 50 cent and Kobe Bryant in the most unexpected picture. Then the shizzle got crazy as Meryl went gangsta pose with Kobe and 50 by her side. I mean we knew Meryl Streep was cool, but this just takes things to a whole new level of awesome. 

50 Cent Instagram

Kate Moss gets crop chopped for Alexander McQueen film & print campaign for SS14

Kate Moss, is that you? We barely recognised you with the cropped cut and the bleached hair. Although, in all honesty those cheekbones give you away. Mossy is keeping things local for work this season and working with a home favourite - Alexander McQueen. Does anyone else think she's channelling Wonder Woman in these ads? Love it! 

Not only is Kate Moss starring in the Alexander McQueen print campaign for spring summer 2014, she's also appearing in a short film shot by the photographer, Steven Klein. A word of warning, it's a little dark...

The biggest social style hit at the Grammys? Pharrell's hat!

Last night at the Grammys, most of us were checking out the red carpet for beautiful gowns and handsome men in their finest suits. Then came Pharrell Williams. The musician took to the red carpet in a most interesting ensemble. However, for the purpose of this piece we're just going to concentrate on what was happening up top there. Pharell wore a hat that, well, let's just say was a showstopper. While most people were scratching their heads and wondering what sort of style statement he was meant to make, Arby's (the fast food joint) saw a grand opportunity. 

That hat Pharell was sporting looked like an exact replica of the Arby's logo and the brand wasn't letting this golden opportunity on social pass them by. Shortly after Pharrell finished on the red carpet, Arby's tweeted to their over 200k fans - "Hey @Pharell, can we have our hat back? #grammys." And of course the crowd goes wild. The tweet was retweeted over 77,000 times and favourited over 42,000 times. Then the mother of all replies came from Pharrell himself-

This is how you do Social Media, people. 

{via Buzzfeed}

Zooey Deschanel collaborating with Tommy Hilfiger

Zooey Deschanel Tommy Hilfiger collection

Now we  have to tell you, of all the collaborations we'd expect to hear about in 2014, this is one we would have never predicted. We've just received a press release from the Tommy Hilfiger girls notifying us that actress Zooey Deschanel has collaborated on a Tommy Hilfiger collection to be released this April. Titled ‘To Tommy from Zooey,' the collection uses the brand's signature colours and pairs them with a series of short and flirty dresses (perfect for Zooey's character on New Girl). 

There will be a total of 16 dresses in the Zooey Deschanel Tommy Hilfiger collection, ranging in price from $98 to $199. Not too shabby. Look for Zooey to start appearing in ads for the collection soon. And maybe a dress or two will make a small screen appearance? Only time will tell. {Tommy Hilfiger}

The Beach, leopard print and the perfect shoe from Nike

Slowly but surely I'm finding my way back into a workout cycle. It's been tough. For those of you that read FFG you'll know how often the site is updated and I'm sure you'll appreciate that time for working out has pretty much dwindled to non-existent in the past 18 months. That's all changing with 2014, and I'm trying to extend it further than just New Year wishful thinking. I'm currently in sunny Southern California and I have to tell you it's damn near impossible to get outside and not want to workout. Everywhere you turn people are running, biking, rollerblading or surfing. This is a part of the world where the weather lends itself to perfect fitness conditions. Of course I knew this ahead of the trip and packed some trainers I've been dying to try from Nike. 

In all honesty, I had heard before that these Nike Free 5.0 trainers were a whole new experience when it came to working out. But you know what? I've heard that line a thousand times. I've been told to try this trainer or that trainer and I'll discover that my running is better, my cross training is more efficient and my general comfort level is forever transformed. I don't go for the hoopla so this was all lost on me.

However, Nike actually initially won my heart with the Nike Free 5.0 trainers simply by producing a beautiful product. Any fan of FFG will know I'm a sucker for a leopard print. My closet is overflowing and, as trainers are back in styled for casual day to day wear, these beauties filled a casual void in my wardrobe with style and grace. Now, it wasn't until yesterday that I actually pounded the streets of Santa Monica with these beauties. I woke up to the most beautiful day, laced up the Nike Free 5.0s and made my way to the beach. 

I know everyone is different with their workouts and what trainer is right for them. It not only comes down to style, but also comes down to what you are doing and what kind of support you need for that activity. Well, ladies and gentlemen, let me be the first to tell you that if you are running out there for your day to day workout, invest in a pair of Nike 5.0 trainers. I'm not claiming it will completely transform your life, but I did notice a huge difference in how light my feet felt in the air as a ran from Santa Monica Pier to Venice Beach. I actually ended up tweeting a picture of the shoes and had a few dozen emails from followers asking where they could score a pair. So, here's the link. Go forth, purchase and fly stylishly and comfortably down the road to get yourself in shape for the great summer ahead.  {Nike 5.0 Shield Trainers}

Meet The Hilfigers goes to Malibu

posted on: Saturday, 25 January 2014

There is something blissfully perfect about FFG offices operating from Malbu this weekend and receiving the latest Meet the Hilfigers campaign release, showcasing the family on Malibu beaches. The same sandy beaches playing home to hundreds of surfers as I write now (it's double overhead today) recently welcomed the east coast prepster family. 

For spring summer 2014, Tommy Hilfiger tells us that he took the family back to where he spent summers early in his career- California. We have to admit, it doesn't get much better for sun and fun (even in January). Meet The Hilfigers is always a favourite campaign release every season and for spring summer 2014, we're as in love as ever with the imagery. 

Gwen Stefani's baby bump selfie is too fierce for words

posted on: Friday, 24 January 2014

Gwen Stefani baby bump

..... That's us stunned in silence. Gwen Stefani is bringing down the style house with her latest share - a baby bump selfie to end all baby bump selfies. The pregnant songstress is showing that serious heels remain a part of her daily wardrobe, despite the extra load. That all being said, she does use the hashtag #inappropriateshoes. Inappropriate or not, Gwen Stefani looks absolutely amazing. So much for the idea that being pregnant means raiding the Ben & Jerry's aisle. Damn it, we were so looking forward to that.  {Gwen Stefani Twitter}

What it's like to go shopping if you're Rita Ora

Rita Ora Shopping

If you were ever thinking how glamourous it would be as a celebrity, just take a look at the above picture. We think it might make you sing a different tune. This is, in fact, a picture shared by Rita Ora on instagram yesterday. The singer is in Los Angeles for the Grammy Awards this weekend and it looks like she wanted to do a little shopping while in town. The only problem is that she wasn't alone. Ora was shopping on Rodeo drive and snapped the above picture of the folks that decided to join her. From paparazzi to fans, everyone was there. Still want to be famous? Really? You'd want to give up even the most simple pleasures... like being able to shop in peace? Makes us think twice. {Rita Ora instagram}

Catherine McNeil's punky pink for W Korea

Catherine McNeil W Korea

Now we can't quite put our finger on why we love this cover. Maybe's it the unusual position of the model, the sly smile, the messy hair or the beautiful dress and shoes that are styled in a slightly punk manner. Whatever the reason, it's a cover we love and rate highly. W Korea is using Catherine McNeil to have some fun with fashion. "Spring Dreaming," indeed. They've just sold this whole look for us. Someone direct us to the nearest tattoo parlor as well. {W Korea}

Bargain du Jour: Leopard Plimsolls (a wardrobe staple) from ASOS

When it comes to leopard print, we just can't get enough. Ask anyone about the quickest way to "fashion up" an outfit and they'll tell you to add a splash of animal print. There's no better accessory for any outfit as leopard truly goes with every colour, compliments every print and can take just about any ensemble from hero to zero in seconds. Which leads us today to a must purchase from ASOS. These brilliant leopard print plimsolls are £18. You'll quickly find that the price makes these a "pennies per wear" item. Buy, love and wear from season to season with ease. {ASOS Leopard Print Plimsolls £18}

Anna Selezneva covers Vogue Mexico February 2014

Anna Selezneva covers Vogue Mexico February 2014

Anna Selezneva carries on our theme of old Hollywood glamour for the cover of Vogue Mexico February 2014. With luscious locks styled in the form of loose curls, cheek bones higher than any human being we've ever met and sporting an ensemble that has more flare than a TGIFriday's waiter, this is certainly a model cover that is most unexpected. All that being said, there is something strangely compelling about the mix of colours and the rather robotic stance that has been captured with the model. {Vogue Mexico

Outfit du Jour: Spotty and Spiked

Amy Adams is print perfection for L'Officiel cover

Looking like something straight out a of a 1950's fashion magazine, Amy Adams is L'Officiel's cover girl this month. Miss Adams is THE woman at the moment, when it comes to Hollywood glamour. She's racking up awards for her role in American Hustle and winning hearts with her stylish choices for the red carpet. These covers are just icing on the cake. This beauty is here to stay and we are waiting and watching to see what she does next. {L'Officiel}

FFG an honorary Victoria's Secret Angel now (thanks to Swarovski Elements)?

So I have to say a massive thank you to Swarovski, who sent a rather incredible robe my way at Christmas. To celebrate the 11th year of working in partnership with Victoria's Secret, the lovely ladies over at Swarovski gave me my very own Victoria's Secret Angel robe, complete with the blog name written on the back with Swarovski crystals. Sadly, I don't turn into Doutzen Kroes when I put it on. Darn it! I was totally hoping this would act like a superman cape - everyday girl to international supermodel every time you put it on. Oh, that would be the dream.

You may remember back in 2012 I went to New York to cover behind-the-scenes at the Victoria's Secret Show. It was there that I had my first up close and personal experience with a VS Swarovski embellished robe. I walked around like a peacock modelling the beautiful silky number. Then I had to give it back as Karlie Kloss or one of the other girls needed their robe. Here I was hoping I would be able to walk away with the beauty. Fast forward one year and I have my very own, with my very own name printed right on the back. Ask and thy shall receive. Thank you again, Swarovski Elements