Top 10 Pinterest Tips I learned this week that will rock your world and your Pinterest board

Last week I had a bit of a tutorial on Pinterest, after meeting with the ladies over there at the helm in the UK. I’ve been using Pinterest now for a couple of years, enjoying the ideas I’ve gathered on everything from interiors to style brilliance. I can safely say that at least a meal a week in my house comes from a pin I’ve discovered. And yes, when I finally do get married I’m sure the Pinterest board I started on the subject one year ago will finally come in handy. There’s a reason Pinterest is one of the world’s most powerful social networks. It’s addictive and anyone that’s ever pinned knows exactly why. But, there are some tricks of the trade I’ve learned that can seriously help you navigate the wide world of pinning. So here we go… the top ten tricks to Pinterest that I’m putting into play everyday going forward…

1. Don’t neglect your introduction to pinners. Your Pinterest profile is your first impression. Make sure you have a clear and recognizable profile picture and don’t be afraid to overshare on your profile description. Tell pinners what they can expect from your page and why they should be interested in you. First impressions are everything in the digital world.

2. Never ever delete a board you have created. Some pinners may only be following one of your boards. If you delete it, you’ll fall off their radar completely. So it’s a good idea to keep all in play. Remember you can rearrange your boards on your Pinterest page and move your more popular, or more beloved, boards to the top so they are the first boards people see when checking you out. {Also it’s good to know the search engines crawl Pinterest boards from the top down}

3. If you have a choice between pinning a landscape or portrait photo, go portrait. The vertical pins work and look better on the platform as the pins themselves are stacked vertically. Also, vertically stacked How-tos work a charm and stand a better chance of being repinned.

4. Make sure you write descriptions for every pin and remember that longer descriptions work better than shorter ones. Be natural and give a reason for repinning. This will make it easier for other pinners to discover your pins when they search. 

5. You can now add GIFs to Pinterest! This new engaging content has seen a great response from the community and they only load and play when you want them to. So try adding some GIFs to your board for a little added spice. 

6. If you’re a blogger or own a website, you’re missing a trick if you aren’t embedding Pinterest boards onto your site. Here’s an example below of one of FFG’s boards in play now:

Follow Fashion Foie Gras’s board Style inspirations on Pinterest.

7. Speaking of websites, you want to make all of your images on your website as easy as possible to repin. First, make sure they are good quality images that will repin well onto the site. There’s also a code you can embed on your site that places a pin button on every image when posted. Your readers need only click on the box embedded on each picture and they can instantly share to their Pinterest pages.

8. Keep your board titles clear and to the point. Make sure they accurately describe the board you have created, but keep the title under 20 characters so that the board name doesn’t get cut off on display.

9. Secret Board creations aren’t just for boards you want to keep to yourself. {Well, some are. My wedding board remains a secret. Don’t want to look too desperate here.} Most pro-pinners keep boards secret while they stage a board to perfection. This allows you to make sure everything looks just so before broadcasting to the world.

10. Finally, forget hashtags. They make work on other social networks, but including that lovely “#” doesn’t do much of anything here. Pinterest search is based on descriptions, not hashtags. So instead of searching for #bluedress, type in exactly what you’re looking for and watch the pins come flooding in. “Blue dress knee length high heels…” go crazy. The more specific, the more likely you’ll find exactly what you’re looking for. 


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