The Power of Video and Exploring Sri Lanka

Earlier this year I really started to think about the power of video and how pictures just don’t seem to be cutting it anymore. There are all these amazing vloggers out and about with their 6 million subscribers, who are creating some pretty phenomenal content, and I, in truth, thought, “what on earth could I add to the world that these guys aren’t already sharing?” Yeah, slim pickings left, to be honest… These days we live in a world where people will even watch videos of other people watching golf. It’s crazy, but there is something for everyone on the internet. 

Keeping in mind the “something for everyone” bit, I decided to try something for myself. I have been given the opportunity to see some absolutely amazing places in the last five years and I love flipping back through pictures of the various continents through which I have trekked. I have also taken countless videos, just little segments, to share with family and friends along the way. Sometimes I’ll make them into a bigger video and other times they’ll just sit in a family shared photo album, having only been seen by five eyes in this world. 

But what fun are amazing videos if they are shared with no one at all? Half the joy in capturing a moment on film is having the opportunity to share it with others. If you weren’t going to share, why not just put the camera down and enjoy the moment as it’s happening right there and then? So here I am sitting on a moment of clips and I’ve decided to really make a conscious effort to share, and share regularly. Oh never fear, dear reader, for I will never forget the power of the written word. I’ll stay true to my roots, but I’m trying on an additional new medium for size. In short, I’m announcing  that you can expect to see a lot more videos coming from me. However, I want feedback. If you hate something, say it (but be gentle please). If you love something, tell me you want more. At the moment, these videos are all captures that I simply found interesting and worthy of broadcasting. 

We’ll officially kick this off with my last trip to Sri Lanka, where I visited Ceylon Tea Trails and Cape Weligama for five days. What I found most interesting about the whole Sri Lankan experience was the travel involved to get to certain locations and the beauty that was discovered along the way. So this particular video places a lot of emphasis on the journey with equal attention paid to the beauty of the destination. I hope you enjoy and look forward to seeing many more. I’m also thinking it might be time for another Boomer video!


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