The FFG Advent Calendar Day 16: The best camera money can buy… (in my opinion)

There’s a reason I’ve been working with Olympus Cameras for the past six months – well, one reason in particular – their Olympus Pen Camera. No kidding folks, this has completely changed the way in which I work. It’s the most brilliant, easy-to-use point and shoot I’ve ever come into contact with. I’ve used just about every sort of camera out there after five years of writing this blog and can easily say this one is a game changer. So that’s why I’m giving it a prominent placement on the blog for Christmas as I truly believe this is THE BEST GIFT to give this Christmas. It’s easy to use – honestly a monkey could take a good picture with this camera. For the selfie fanatics out there, the camera has a fold down screen so you can take selfies without the mystery. It also has all kinds of fancy pants scenarios for taking the right picture when capturing sunsets, Christmas lights at night, families in constant motion around the Christmas tree or just a silent moment or two around the fire. Basically it’s a camera that’s ready for a challenge and I’ve yet to find one that it couldn’t conquer. Yes, I’m in love, absolutely and forever. If you need further proof, just scroll through FFG for recent posts on travel, etc. Every single pic is captured using this camera


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