The FFG Advent Calendar day 14: The only Bobbl hat you’ll ever need!

Bobbl hats

There is absolutely no denying that I am crazy about furry top bobble hats. In fact, I’m so crazy I actually counted how many I have in my scarf and hat drawer. I have 13. That is, in all honesty, just ridiculous. Who needs 13 big wooly hats? Apparently I do. However, I’m pleased to say I was just introduced last week to a game changer in the world of winter hats. Ever heard of the company called Bobbl? Well, if you haven’t, prepare to see these guys everywhere. They are the first, that I know of, company to create a wooly hat that has furry Bobbles that can be changed in and out according to your daily colour preference. Genius, right? And the biggest plus point being that they absolutely don’t break the bank. You can pretty much buy the hat and six different colour combinations for the same price as one similar designer wooly hat in a department store. Let’s be honest here, what’s not to love about options? 


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