Step inside FFG’s Wardrobe and London Flat with Covetique

I’ve long been a fan of Covetique. In fact, I’ve probably spent more than I care to admit on the site over the years, as I’m never one to shy away from buying pre-owned luxury goods. In fact, I believe I’m just rehoming or adopting these beauties and giving them a fresh start in a new place. So when Covetique called and asked if they could come and write a feature on my wardrobe for the site, naturally I did a little dance around my new flat, then composed myself and said, “of course!” 

We had a fun afternoon rifling through my most prized possessions and listening to Christmas carols on full volume throughout the flat. If I could do it all over again, I would. 

Run over to Covetique now to check out the full feature and check out a few pieces I’m selling through the website from my closet. 

Here’s a little teaser…


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