Review: Southern Burgers at Fat Patties, Beaufort, South Carolina

There haven’t been nearly enough reviews from me when it comes to Southern food while I’m home. So I thought I’d start with a food group that I consider myself a bit of an expert in: Burgers. While I was out and about shopping for the holidays with my family, we passed Fat Patties, a place my mother had heard served the best burger in South Carolina. That’s a big statement and one I can’t even be sure of, as I haven’t had nearly enough burgers in South Carolina to judge that appropriately. I can say, however, that I was willing to give the whole place a go. 

Set alongside Parris Island, I can imagine this is a Marine favourite. Sadly, when we were in our booth no men in uniform graced us with their presence. I have to admit, the thought was a big incentive. I think I’ll pop back in on a weekend and see what I can find for a strapping lad led to serve our country. I’ll let you know how that goes.

Now, back to the burgers. Fat Patties offers a pretty big menu for burger lovers. For example, meat eaters and vegetarians alike are given an opportunity to enjoy the many combinations on offer at Fat Patties. You can choose beef, chicken, turkey, shrimp or bean burgers as your base and build from there. In fact, there are so many options you may find yourself a bit lost. I both love and hate these menus. If I’m spoilt for choice I feel lost in the mix. There is definitely something to be said for a small menu featuring excellent classics that can’t be argued.

Speaking of classics, I went for the classic burger at Fat Patties.  I ordered the Fat Pattie. It was indeed “fat.” I could barely fit the burger in my mouth. There was great squishing involved in eating this particular beef burger. In the end, I couldn’t even finish the plate. In fact, I only made it half way through. The meat was spectacular – perfectly flavored and cooked precisely as requested. The toppings, all fresh and excellently piled, added to the brilliance of this burger. But in the end, when it came to Blogger vs. Burger, the burger won. Deadly, but delicious. 

Visting South Carolina?

Pop into Fat Patties:

831 Parris Island Gateway

Beaufort, South Carolina 29906


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