New Year… New… Hair… Cut????!!! #ClearTheShoulders

There’s a new hashtag trending on twitter this week and it’s all about hair, and we have one woman to thank for the hustle and bustle around it – Kristin Ess. Ess is Lauren Conrad’s hairdresser and the woman recently responsible for chopping Conrad’s famous locks. In doing so she has started a movement on instagram with women the world over sharing their #cleartheshoulders bob cuts. It’s fantastic to watch the photos roll in. Some women hold their sliced and diced ponytails high in the hair as if they have just conquered Goliath. Other women are shot only in profile, waiting for the verdict on their new hairstyle, in the form of comments,  to roll in. I must admit, I searched the hashtag and had a good time looking through the hundreds of photos that showcase a cut that has quite literally shaken the fashion world in 2014. It’s bye bye long locks and hello blunt bob. Which leads me to the point of conversation today…

I’ve had long hair for the better part of a decade now. No, it’s been longer. I think I’m going on 12 years now. Of course I’ve had trims here and there. After I went blonde for a summer I had to have a good four inches cut off to repair the damage from the bleach. I’ve toyed with layers and I’ve even sported a long fringe. But I’ve never ever toyed the idea of #cleartheshoulders. And just when I think I might want to do it – go for the chop – it seems the whole world has beat me to the scissors.

A few weeks ago I tagged some bob photos with #cleartheshoulders. I LOVE that it’s turned into a little thing and I LOVE seeing these cool girl bobs! All 142 of them. 🙌🙌🙌 amazing!

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And so I find myself in an interesting New Year dilemma. Do I march into the salon on the first of the year and hand over my hair? Do I snip the ponytail and say goodbye to boring old long strands? As much as I would love to, I have minor panic attacks about the idea of not being able to tie my hair in a bun at a moments notice, or in finding myself with nothing to twist in moments of complete chaos (oh my poor tangled hair). And is short hair anywhere near as much fun when it comes to braids, tongs and random over the top updos?

I remember a famous model once saying that as soon as she found out she was defined by her hair she had to chop it all off immediately. She needed to challenge herself and her image and break new ground. It ended up being the beginning of a beautiful clean slate for her and an amazing future in modeling.

So I’m thinking that I need a clean slate in general, with my hair, my life… maybe location. Ladies, it may be time for a change. The shoulders may just be clear this time next week. Watch this space…

Anyone else making the cut for the New Year? Shall we start a new hashtag? #NewYearNewHair????

Just as a little cheat, I’ve put together an inspiration board on Pinterest for cuts I’m considering copying… just in case anyone else is thinking, looking or walking to a salon at present…

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