Harvey Nichols wins for most hilarious, and wildly clever, holiday campaign for 2014…

It’s rare these days that a Christmas campaign will grab your attention in a “funny way.” Sure we have the tearjerker campaigns, that are just about everywhere this Christmas. They are loved, and I do watch them on repeat. Honestly, I feel like John Lewis’s Monty Penguin and I are best friends at this point. But funny doesn’t really go with Christmas. Well, that is of course unless you are Harvey Nichols. They have repeatedly caused a stir with their holiday focuses and this season is certainly no exception. However, this year they are getting you personally involved. Let me start by sharing their campaign video. Set out like a Hallmark commercial ready to tug at the heartstrings, it ends perfectly, brilliantly and ready to get your typing fingers set into action. So take a look at this…

And yes, the Christmas card you see above was designed by me, to send to friends and family with subtle suggestions as to what exactly I want this Christmas. Seriously though, who wouldn’t want a pair of Sophia Webster Flamingo heels from the big guy in the red suit? Yeah, I sent him one too. 

If you’re game for designing your own clever Harvey Nics wish list, head over to “Could I be any clearer?” for all the instructions. 

Seriously, just too brilliant…. 


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