Festive fun at Bob Bob Ricard: Champagne (button) wishes and caviar dreams

I swear I have no idea how I am not big as a house. But I can certainly explain why I am no sample size – FOOD! I am addicted. Can you tell? Every other piece on FFG these days seems to be concentrating on a new great foodie hideout. And I don’t just go to look at the food. I go to fill my face with my the best London has to offer when it comes to culinary delights.

My latest restaurant adventure was had at a well established London restaurant that has been many months in the making, if not years. For what seems like forever I’ve watched as people shared the “press for champagne” button from Bob Bob Ricard. The idea is pure genius and would naturally get my vote just with the gimmicky table-side champagne setup. The magical champagne button has attracted everyone and anyone that you read about on the Daily Mail’s column of shame and celeb. In fact, I defy you to find a celeb that hasn’t slipped their bum across the leathery booths of Bob Bob Ricard. While the celebs and champagne keep these tables booked solid, I did wonder about the quality of the food. So I slid into a table setting with the one and only Mademoiselle Robot for a festive lunch catchup. We wanted to try out this champagne button as well as the food that comes alongside the bubbly stuff.

In short, we both left with our tummies full and our spirits high. Yes, the food is everything you’d expect from a place that is one of London’s most cherished hotspots. Sure, the champagne button was pressed a few times, but in truth it wasn’t really needed. Our glasses were never empty as the waiters kept a secret watch over our “levels.” I did have quite the Robin Leach moment as the caviar was being served up and the champagne bubbles were flowing. “Champagne wishes and caviar dreams” indeed, Mr. Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous. One must wonder if the owner of Bob Bob Ricard was at all inspired by the series back in the day. 

Caviar was just the starter, for the meal and the entire afternoon. The decadence continued with a serving of Stinking Bishops Cheese Souffle. Don’t let the name put you off. This little stinker was heaven on a plate -warm, gooey and perfectly matched for the grey and cold weather outside. While it looks massive, it was light and easy to fork down in an instant. Although, I must admit even as I was eating the starter I was thinking about my main course with great anticipation. We had both ordered the lobster mac’n’cheese. Seriously… lobster mac’n’cheese. Can you imagine a more OTT comfort food? Hey, while in Rome… or Bob Bob Ricard, as the case may be. We weren’t disappointed. Oh to have it all again (and the dessert… oh the dessert).

For those of you thinking of visiting for the holiday period, rest assured you will feel the festive vibe from entrance to exit. There are Christmas baubles and holiday wreaths scattered throughout. It’s warm and cozy in every booth and the staff go a long way to make you feel as if this space was your own.

So what’s the last word here? Let’s just say it’s as good a space for family fun as it is for festive romantic moments. And don’t forget the camera. You’ll want a selfie or two with the champagne button. I’m starting to think a picture op should just come as part of the package. Brilliant. 


Bob Bob Ricard


1 Upper James St.


London W1F 9DF

0203 145 1000

All pictures taken with the Olympus Pen. FFG is a UK ambassador for Olympus.


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