Day 9 FFG Advent Calendar: The Coupe Stack Champagne Tower

We’ve all been there – what to get the girl/guy who has everything? Chances are they will not have this. Well, actually, I guarantee they won’t have it as it’s only just been released. I had a first go with the Coupe Stack a couple of weeks for a Christmas party at my house and I must say it’s become the biggest hit at every party since. Here’s how it works… Basically, the glasses are specially created to fit perfectly into one another to create a champagne stack that can withstand quite a lot. Then, pop the cork of any champagne bottle and pour from the top. Watch as the six glasses fill with champagne. And never fear as you can’t pour too much or two little. The glasses are perfectly sized so that the stack fills perfectly with the contents of one bottle. It’s absolutely genius. And yes, I currently have two that are on constant rotation. 


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