Day 2 FFG Advent Calendar: The Aether Cone

A few weeks ago now I was introduced to a brand new piece of music technology that, quite frankly, knocked my socks off. It’s called The Aether Cone and it’s a “thinking” music system. I’m not even going to try to get into the technology behind how this little bad boy works. I’ll just say it does and it is constantly working to get to know you better all the time. The Aether Cone has a brain, of sorts. It remembers when you skip music you don’t like, where you are when you are listening to certain types of music and at what times you listen to certain tempos, etc. It then puts all this information together to delivery your favourite music at the right time, in the right room and at the right speed. In short, it’s the music companion you always wanted. Again, how it does it is beyond me. I’ve been trialling one at home and it seems to be picking up all the right queues, from my secret obsession with N’Sync to more mainstream Top 40 Hits. I even get my Heart FM fix when I need it. Definitely worth checking out a a gift option this Christmas. 


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