Day 10 FFG Advent Calendar: Zombie Stocking Stuffers…?

Zombie Stocking Stuffer

Imagine my surprise in discovering Brain Jam while shopping the aisles of Liberty. Yes, Liberty. Creeping Dread, Olde Fashioned Brain Jam and Zombie Fresh Mints all found their way into my cart as perfect stocking stuffers for friends and family. So naturally they have to be included in this year’s advent calendar as perfectly priced late additions to Christmas pressies. While the packaging may look shocking, the goodies inside are surprisingly tasty. Yes, the Zombie Fresh Mints really do get rid of “hideous halitosis after gorging on humans all night.” And the Olde Fashioned Brain Jam is surprising tasty, but that could be because it’s made from the “finest brains.” Absolutely obsessed and hoping the folks receiving these lovely gifts will be just as pleased as I am in giving them. 


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