Day 1 FFG Advent Calendar Surprise: Crumpet Punk Cashmere Scarf

Crumpet Cashmere Neon Wrap

Oh is it so wrong to put together an advent calendar of things I wish were popping out of a little box each day in the lead up to Christmas? Thought not! So that’s why I’ve put together my own personal FFG advent calendar. This is my dream advent calendar and also a list of items I believe would never go unloved under a Christmas tree. 

I’m kicking off with a cash-miracle. Crumpet Cashmere – if you don’t know them, get to know them. Featured here on day one is my dream flying companion, the Pump Cashmere Wrap. It can be worn as a wrap, a blanket, an artfully tied sweater and more. You name it, this little miracle is going to fulfill it. It’s soft as a dream and a perfect colour pop for the dullest of wardrobes. Dear Santa, make this happen!


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