Boomer The Golden Retriever Update: Boomer the Bruiser

It’s no secret there is one very special man in my life. I only get to see him three or four times a year, but when we’re together, there’s a chemistry there that’s unrivaled. Yes, I’m a dog fanatic and that special man is none other than my beautiful Boomer. He calls South Carolina home and the long distance is truly killer. Facetiming is fun, although Boomer now believes that when I leave it must mean that the little grey box with an apple on it has captured me (ie. I’m stuck in the computer). And when I return home the reception I get at the door is like nothing you have ever seen before. In fact, I get the same response from Boomer continuously day after day every morning. It’s like he can’t believe his luck that I’m still here. Truly, I believe every person’s day is made better by a dog’s greeting first thing in the morning. They love you no matter your faults, your insecurities or your hideous after-party state of face. 

That all being said, I sit here typing look a little worse for wear because of one Bodacious Boomer. This little guy was so excited to see me that he actually ended up breaking my nose, yes totally and completely. I am nursing a bump, a growing black eye and a bit of a bridge cut. That’ll teach me for rolling on the floor with an eighty pound ball of hyperactive fluff. Needless to say, there won’t be any style posts for a while. Well, not unless you guys are into the Rocky Balboa look. 

What you will get, instead, are loads of pictures of my fluffy friend, a lot of restaurant features and some recipes I’ve been dying to share from home (both foodie and bar based). 

I’ll sign off now, as I have golden retrievers snoring on either side of me currently, and will report back more tomorrow. 


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