7 Days of Style: So many ways to wear knee-high-boots

posted on: Monday, 15 December 2014

This is a "seven days of style" spread over two weeks. It had become somewhat tough taking pics every day while visiting three different countries, so I'm playing catch up. If anything this is a how-to for wearing knee high boots, and my favourite pair of the season as a matter of fact. Promise to be better. Good news is that the next few weeks we'll be coming out you from the deep south. I'm home to NC!!!

Wearing above:

{Note: Had to photoshop out a rather unfortunate placement of a thing pictured between my legs there in the bathroom. Made for a rather different looking picture... hence the blurriness there... in full disclosure and all ;)}

Ralph Lauren Turtleneck (borrowed from the boy),  Vintage YSL trousers, and a whole lot of beautiful women and wonderful friends!