The new cool (and dry) way to run

I’m the girl that goes for cocktails after work. I meet friends and colleagues at my local pub or club and go from there. I am NOT the girl that dons athletic gear and heads to the gym after a long day. Always wished I was, but never got there. Well, I say that, but, I feel that times, they are a changin’. 

Last week I had my first experience with a Nike running club in East London. Nike invited me out to run a 5K at 7:30 at night around Shoreditch. There was a bigger activity behind it – I feel it’s important to mention that. The brand was showcasing a new collection called Nike Flash. Had it just been a running club, in all honesty, I wouldn’t have gone. But, I was intrigued by the new workout focused fashion and I decided to ditch the cocktails and don the spandex.

In fact, it all fit so perfectly (not just the clothes, but the whole scenario). This new line from Nike is all about no excuses. It’s reflective and waterproof gear that’s perfect for running at night, in the rain. Those are the times we all say, “oh, but the weather,” and tuck into a warm grilled cheese sandwich, right? Yeah, unfortunately one can’t say that anymore as this gear is not only seriously fashionable, it also promises to do exactly as advertised – provide a cool, safe and dry ensemble for an evening run. But I digress.

So here I am in East London wearing some kick ass reflective gear. I’m in spandex, I have a bag with my initials on it and when I take a picture of my outfit with a flash I look like a superhero. Everything’s going all right. There are about 30 of us in the pack for the night. This, as we are told, is similar to the Nike running club that leaves from the Oxford Street store in London on a regular basis.   I think to myself, “please, don’t let me fall too behind here.” It has been sometime since I ran a 5k without stopping. I run for the bus in London and that’s a max of 100 yards at a push. I won’t go into details, but a few injuries have kept me from properly working out now for a while. Ok, no need for excuses… back to the story.

We set off on our run and it starts to drizzle. It’s as if Nike special ordered the weather. Honestly, how did they know? The rain came, the air turned cold and the sun had officially gone away for the day. Our feet were pounding the pavement and I was enjoying my fashionable attire as we went. I lasted all of 1k before feeling like my heart was going to beat out of my chest. My god, I am OUT OF SHAPE.  

Before you all think I’m a total workout wuss, I’d like to say I made it through the 5K. Admittedly, I didn’t run through the whole thing. Half way through I felt as if my injured ankle was going to disconnect from my body and beat me about the head. The pain was immense. But, I finished and I felt all the better for doing so. This wasn’t about finishing, however, just like me writing today isn’t about advertising a new brand for Nike. This is about writing about a new concept in working out, well new to me anyway. 

Running clubs are… well, they are amazing. I am hooked. I’m joining my local Nike Running club (apparently they are all over London… and all over the world). There is something pretty amazing about spending half an hour, an hour, or even two hours running with a group of people you’ve never met before. Sure, it’s intimidating as hell at first. You look around and wonder who is going to move faster. If you’re me, you wonder how long it will take before you’re left in everyone’s dirt. Eek. Let’s just say if I can make it through a Nike Running Club session, there’s no excuse for you not at least trying it. 

Watch this space as I have a feeling I’m embarking on a bigger workout picture here. No, really, I’m “for real” this time around. I’ve got the running bug and I’m not quitting. Who’s with me? Anyone fancy meeting for a Nike running club in west London? 


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