The Dance off: Heels vs. Flats

So here’s the question – if you were given an option, would you prefer to dance in heels or flats? The idea of dancing in heels strikes fear in the deepest depths of my heart. Give me Nikes over six inch stilettos any day. Well, I say all of this and then Westfield decided to put my theory to the test. They enlisted the help of half a dozen bloggers who were willing to prove me wrong, and they did do just that. I thought for sure they’d be begging for their flats back, but these brave young ladies actually not only proved my theory incorrect – they also managed to completely change my state of mind about the whole thing.

You may remember back last month that Westfield released a video highlighting the virtues of heels vs. flats. They had professionals caught in the act, dancing up a storm down an imaginary catwalk. The end result was a beautiful film full of shop-worthy shoes, both flat and heeled. It’s amazing what models can do when put to the task. But that’s just it, people, I was watching that video thinking that trained professionals can pull anything off and that us average folks surely need to wear flats in order to dance with any sort of gusto.

Actually, before I say another word, I’ll let the girls do the talking…

Tell me that isn’t surprising? Ok, maybe I stand alone here. In fact, I do have to accept a small bit of “wrongness” from every angle at this point. Even a friend of mine said to me yesterday, “haven’t you ever danced in a club? And when was the last time a club let a girl in sneakers in the front door?” Argh. Hate it when this mind of mine fails me. She’s so right.

So in the case of Heels vs. Flats,  with Judge Dance Machine presiding, I do believe Heels have won this one, case closed. No more to argue. But, watch this space as I feel more challenges will soon present themselves.

On a special note, thanks to all the bloggers above involved in this rather unorthodox experiment. The world over thanks you for volunteering your time and calf muscles to the cause.

Written in collaboration with Westfield.


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