My latest fashion find comes from Habitat (yes, the home store), and it’s killer cool…

A look alike backpack to Stella Jean print

Alright, so we’ve already covered the territory of me moving into a new house. I’m in, but I’m still shopping. Hence the reason I would find myself in the Habitat shop on Tottenham Court Road in London last week. Well, in between eyeing up comfy leather chairs and big fluffy carpets, I found myself starring at a backpack. Now, let me first say that up until this point I’m happy to admit I hated the idea of all backpacks in fashion. They’re just not my thing. Enough said. Then Habitat hit me with a spanner. Before my very eyes I was imagining strutting around town with this powerful print on my back, resting as it may be, but working hard for some style street cred. In short, this seems to be the backpack I was waiting for all these years. Damn it, 1990s… why didn’t you have anything so cool?

But, we must take a step back here and recognize why this particular Habitat collaboration is so important at this moment in fashion. In all honesty, we have Stella Jean to blame. The designer has brought African prints into Western fashion in a big way. We can’t get enough. And yes, this might as well be directly from her design table. Although with a price tag of £80, you’d never find it on a  Stella Jean rack. So in actuality this is sort of a look for less. Brilliant, just brilliant.


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