If you’re single this holiday season, beware! The John Lewis Christmas advert is killer.

John Lewis Christmas Commercial 2014

Every year the John Lewis advert makes me cry. There’s no point trying to deny this. I am a ball of tears the minute it’s released. I have to be careful watching television for the remainder of the season as even one glimpse of the commercial will leave me like a puddle on the floor (see previous years down below and you’ll understand). For 2014, however, the John Lewis Christmas ad has reached new levels of Kleenex clutching. This year, for the first time in a long time, I am a singleton for the holiday season. So while I was expecting the annual John Lewis Christmas commercial tears, I wasn’t expecting the level of heart wrenching emotion that would come with watching the commercial all by my lonesome on a cold winter’s night.

The 2014 John Lewis commercial highlights everything that Christmas is about: Love. Whether that love is family love, friend love or romantic love, Christmas is a season to celebrate the close relationships in our lives. John Lewis masterfully showcases all three types of love in a two minute advert, yet highlights a beautiful and simplistic romantic love as the main thread of thought.And to think they do it all through the eyes of an animated penguin. There are no words for how surprising this advert is. Of course, if you know anything about a penguin you’ll know that they are animals that mate for life. They choose one partner and that’s the game done. Oh, if only humans were that simple. But again, that’s what makes this whole statement so beautiful. A penguin is looking at human emotion with envious eyes. I won’t ruin the end for you. It’s a beautiful piece of work and one that will inevitably have me hiding from TV sets as much as possible. Alright, who am I kidding? I’ll be watching it as much as possible. Thank goodness I’m mascara free this Christmas. Now, off to John Lewis to see if they have a stuffed penguin I can cling onto this Christmas.

But first, here’s your first (or maybe it’s your tenth at this point) look at John Lewis Christmas 2014:

Now onto previous years for comparison…


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