A night in with friends, otherwise known as “Christmas in November”

I have been very blessed in the blogging community in London. I’ve fallen in with the “right crowd,” you may say. These are people that I have been chatting with on and off for five years. They are the people I knew online as twitter handles before I ever met them face-to-face and they are the people that turned out to be some of the most important players in my life. They’ve gone from blogging buddies to true life long friends and, hey,  I like to celebrate that every once and a while – so I had a party. Why not, right?

Said “party” was actually in celebration of a few things. First, I have just moved into a cozy little flat in West London. It’s home and I wanted to share it’s homey-ness with the people I love. Secondly, I have just bought my first sofa. I feel like such a grown up. But I suppose celebrating the arrival of a new sofa does make me feel like a kid again. More about that later. Thirdly, I have very very good girlfriends who are the PR team at NEXT Official in the UK and we put our heads together to hatch a plan to get our favourite people together and kit my house out for Christmas so that we could all find one night in our busy schedules to raise a glass to the holidays. That night to celebrate just happened to fall in November. Coordinating bloggers is like herding cats – impossible! But somehow we managed to make it happen.

Now, about that couch. I really did just want to spend a minute talking about this because I am so incredibly impressed with how this all went down. After I moved into my new home I was desperate for a corner sofa. I marched myself down to the big furniture stores in London and wiggled around in a few couches, fell in love with half a dozen and tried to purchase for immediate delivery only to be told it would either be a two week delivery period or a three month “make” time. Seriously, who knew buying a sofa would be such a pain in the arse? 

Well, I just so happened to be having breakfast with the NEXT girls and mentioned the dilemma. In turn, they mentioned NEXT had a four day delivery policy on most of their sofas. Sold (with a discount – full disclosure ;)). The couch was delivered. The delivery men performed miracles in getting it up my stairs and were just the nicest gents ever and within five days of talking about a sofa, I had one sitting in my living room, fully assembled and ready for lounging. Now, it should just be mentioned that select fabrics and styles are four day-ers. Others can take as long as 14 weeks. So, naturally I based my order on what was available now. It can be a bit of a hunt, but well worth it to have a sofa in your humble abode within four days of ordering. Thank heavens for small favors. Moving on,  so those of you not looking for sofas won’t die of domestic overload.

For “Christmas in November” we went a little mad. Naturally, the Christmas tree and all the decorations were my favourite part of getting ready for the evening, well that and the doughnut cake assembly. It was all about junk food on the night, people. Forgive me. There were also cheese balls – not very festive but they were the most popular item on the “menu”. As the sofa can fit five people, and we had ten in attendance, we also covered the floor with faux fur throws, piled high for softness, and big fluffy pillows for leaning. Let’s just say there was a lot of lounging going on.

And when not lounging, we were definitely entertaining ourselves in various ways. Naturally, the ten of us could talk up a storm. I’m not so sure my neighbors were all too happy about a bunch of loud mouthed fashionistas coming together in one place. We are not quiet people, that is for sure. Then there were the shrieks and screams as we emptied a bottle of champagne into the Coupe Stack for the first time (brand new to the marketplace… you have to have one of these… plus, it’s a good friend that’s just launched it). There was also Christmas music playing in the background, Love Actually on mute on the TV and regular laughter from various catch-up sessions. In short, this is the sort of noise that is just pure happiness.

To all of you this Christmas, I hope you get to have such an event with those that you love and cherish in your lives. I’m not sure how I managed to land right smack dab in the middle of such a cool network of people, but you can bet your bottom dollar I’m celebrating it as much as humanly possible! Thinking we may have to open the invitation list for the next get together. Or maybe we’ll just have to do a big FFG reader party. Who’d be game? 


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