Travel Diaries: Mandarin Oriental, Bangkok

When I first received the itinerary for my adventures with PANDORA in Thailand, the name Mandarin Oriental jumped off the page at me immediately. The Mandarin Oriental Bangkok has been voted the world’s best city hotel several times now and is often cited in magazines as being one of the best experiences in customer service. In short, this was a hotel that had been on my bucket list for some time now. In a nutshell, if you can name a celebrity or worldwide figure that hasn’t stayed here at least once, I’ll eat my Mandarin Oriental fan. This is a hotspot, a superior hangout for the best of the best visiting Bangkok. So you had to know I wasn’t going to go and stay there and not share a sneak peek at what goes on as a resident for a few nights. 

Let’s start with the greeting. As we arrived at the Mandarin Oriental, Bangkok, we were greeted by several individuals who all had goodies galore at the ready for our first step into the hotel. We were first given a sort of corsage of flowers. The scent was so intoxicating I couldn’t put it down. The whole elevator ride to the ninth floor I had the flowers close to my face, inhaling every last bit of scent they were kind enough to share. That was, of course, after I finished the lovely cocktail we were served in reception as we waited for our room keys to arrive. 

While everything about this hotel screams five star, the staff really make this a spot that shines above all the rest in Bangkok. Every single staff member shows a genuine concern for your comfort, not to mention a surreal interest in how you rate their hotel. At every corner I seemed to be met by someone asking me if everything was to my satisfaction and enquiring as to what they could do to make it even better. I lost the power of speech in response. How do you improve upon perfection?

From the beautiful room with a view to the fluffy waffles served at breakfast, I captured it all for you. Well, let’s be honest here – I captured this mainly for myself to remember a monumental check mark in the “must do” category of life. Here’s a look…

Upon arrival, we were given the sweetest smelling treat of all time. While many were unsure as to what to do with the beautiful floral arrangement, others thought they’d try it on as a scrunchie. Making lemonade and all that… 

Bathroom at Mandarin Oriental Bangkok

A special sugary treat was awaiting us as we stepped into the room (make sure and check out the hashtag #PandoraAbroad to see all the pictures from our magnificent adventures with the brand in Bangkok). 

Pandora Abroad

Mandarin Oriental Bangkok Luggage Tag

Mandarin Oriental Bangkok

Each day a fruit is served up in the room and is accompanied by a whole education in vegetation. 

Turndown Service Fruit at Mandarin Oriental Bangkok

Take a bath… you MUST take a bath. Beautiful bath salts await!

Every night the turndown service includes a special message to send you to sleep. 

Turndown Service at Mandarin Oriental Bangkok

Pool at Mandarin Oriental Bangkok

The spa at the Mandarin Oriental is not to be missed. It’s just a short boat ride across the river and you arrive in paradise. 

Spa Mandarin Oriental Bangkok

Spa Mandarin Oriental Bangkok

And finally some food highlights… You MUST order the waffles and the club sandwich at the Mandarin Oriental in Bangkok. 

Waffles Mandarin Oriental Bangkok

Club Sandwich Mandarin Oriental Bangkok

FFG was a guest of the Mandarin Oriental Bangkok with Pandora Jewellery.


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