Trashed the £45 shampoo for this new £3.99 miracle from the drugstore

Dove Dry Oil Shampoo and Nivea In shower moisturizer

I’m addicted to drug stores. It’s a sickness and I know I’m not alone. Plenty of my girlfriends admit to having the same problem. I could spend a whole day in a Walgreens in New York, when visiting, and I’ve been known to waste hours wandering the aisles of Boots here in the UK. Drugstore discoveries are often the best value finds. I’ll find myself starting out with designer products that cost a small fortune and nearly all are eventually replaced with purchases from the most random shelves at drugstores. I’m a product junkie. There you have it. Need I say more?

Now that you know about my sickness, let’s put it to good use. Over the past few weeks I’ve been telling everyone that will listen about four products that have changed my beauty routine for the better and then some. 

Let’s start with the hair, as this is a new product line that I simply can’t stop shouting about. Dove have recently released their Pure Care Dry Oil products onto the market. At first, I’ll admit I was drawn in by the packaging. There’s something about gold that is truly fantastic. God, I’m such a sucker. Anywho, I walked away with the Dove Pure Care Dry Oil Shampoo and Conditioner from Boots Pharmacy for a grand total of £5.98. Incredible. I’ve always been a fan of every product Dove has to offer and am known to try every single item they have on the market, so this isn’t entirely out of the blue here. What is unexpected are the results. Never before have I been more impressed with a Dove product. My hair had a beautiful smell that lasted throughout the day. In fact I couldn’t stop sniffing my own hair – the scent is intoxicating. I’m pretty sure one of the guys on the tube thought I was a total freak as he watched me not-so-chalantly take a whiff on the way into town. Whoops. 

After finding myself massively impressed with the Dove Dry Oil Shampoo and Conditioner, I decided to up my game and return to purchase the Pure Care Dry Oil / Oil. Yes there’s a Macadamia Nut oil that you can buy with the line. The results were stunning. In fact, they were so good I snapped a quick photo after a rough blow dry – this is a blow dry with absolutely no tools, just me, my hands and a dryer. 

Dove Dry Oil Hair

Pretty wicked, right? Now, there is one small downside to the post-shampoo and conditioner oil treatment and I think this is more personal than anything else. My hair is going through a bit of a limp and lifeless phase at the moment and it isn’t super thick. So I can only use the oil every other day. If I use it every single day, I get a bit of a build up. While the hair still looks super healthy and shiny, it doesn’t have the bounce I so love. 

In short, try Dove Dry Oil. It’s out of this world. I’m using the shampoo and conditioner daily and can’t see myself turning back. 

Now, onto part two of the discoveries. This is again a two part, same brand, find. In fact, I have to go ahead and admit that I can only take credit for 50% of this discovery. The other half has to go to India Knight. I’m of course referring to the Nivea products. I’ll start with India Knight’s part in this whole purchase power business. Knight wrote an article for the Sunday Times Style Magazine a few weeks back in which she confesses her undying love for a new discovery – Nivea Soft Moisturizing Cream. She wrote with such passion about this product that I bought it ten minutes after reading her article – marched straight down to my local Boots and stocked up. In a nutshell, makeup artists have been using this cream for years to give their subjects a healthy glow. It can be used as a cream for the face, hands or body and India Knight sold me on the idea that I needed it for everything. So, I now have three pots in my beauty cabinet. I use it for foundation base, for a little added glow on top of foundation and as a general refresher in my handbag for any dry moments. The smell is fantastic and the quality superb. A fantastic find, if you ask me, especially as it’s less than a fiver. 

Now, as the Nivea products were on a special offer in the drugstore, I also fell in for the Nivea in-shower moisturizing cream. This is a cream you apply in shower, rinse off and go. Yup, that’s it. It will keep your body moisturized, just as normal cream would, for 24 hours, except there’s no sticky situation to wait through. I was a bit worried about the toweling off situation but everything worked perfectly- no issues whatsoever and absolutely zero residue on the towel. Hallelujah! 

So that’s it for this drugstore discoveries. I’m sure I’ll have more for you in coming weeks. But I do love these four new purchases like new born children – they’re in my life forever now!  😉 


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