The new best burger in London involves gravy… yes, GRAVY

Dip and Flip Burgers

Dip and Flip Burgers

If you had told me this time last year that I’d be sitting in a burger joint in Battersea and dipping my favourite food into a puddle of salty gravy I’d tell you you were mad, absolutely sick in the head. Yet, here I sit, burger in hand, gravy bowl in front of us both. One look at burger, one look at the bowl, and in he goes. Out of gravy bowl, quick dab of excess on the side, and into my mouth for a first bite. Here’s the word for the first taste: confusion. I’m one foot in a burger joint, other foot at Thanksgiving dinner. What on earth is going on here?

Introducing a new contender for best burger joint in LondonDip and Flip

Let me take a step back here. As you all know pretty well by now, I’m constantly on the hunt for a good burger and love reporting back to the masses on whether or not said burger is worth trekking across town for. This, dear reader, is worth traveling an hour or more for the experience. I, conveniently, only had to drive about 20 minutes. But, after tasting this delightful Dip and Flip special, I would gladly travel further for the pleasure.

I first heard of Dip and Flip from a fellow burger enthusiast. They mentioned it was something I needed to try. They said no more, just asked that I report back on whether or not I was a fan. Needless to say, a text was sent immediately after finishing the last bite of my massive heart attack on a plate. 

Dip and Flip is in Battersea. It’s not in a prominent location and you’d miss it if you weren’t looking for it. It’s sort of tucked in between a bunch of other restaurants and bars, yet this is the only establishment on the street that is absolutely heaving with people. I knew this was going to be an experience from the minute I saw the queue. Word is spreading…

Dip and Flip Burgers

Within ten minutes we were seated. They do turn over very quickly in Dip and Flip. We ordered a beer each and set into digesting the menu. The rumors were true… burgers and gravy. But you already know that at this point.

There were, however, some rather surprising points on the menu. First of all, the original Dip and Flip burger is actually a burger topped with Roast Beef or Lamb. This is a meaty son-of-a-bitch. In fact, my date for the night finally said he wished he’d just ordered the cheeseburger. It was all a bit much. But if you’re a serious meat-lover, this is totally your bag. No matter what you order, however, every single sandwich and burger comes with a side of gravy. Splendid. 

Dip and Flip Burgers

Dip and Flip Burgers

Now, let’s talk a bit more about this idea of gravy and burgers. There isn’t much I can do to share the experience as I myself was having trouble finding words as it was happening. It’s sort of one of those lovely combinations, like chocolate and pretzels, that just works and you have no idea why. Oh to go back and sink my teeth into another right now. Damn this unfair world where too many bad things equals an early visit to the grave!

Dip and Flip, I am a newly obsessed fan and definitely think you might just be a contender for the best burger this beautiful city has ever seen. I can’t wait to visit again… I just need a few weeks to clear the arteries first!

Dip and Flip Burgers

Dip and Flip Burgers

Fries Dip and Flip Burgers

Oreo Milkshake Dip and Flip Burgers

For more info visit the Dip and Flip website:

Alternatively, just get your booty down there to try the burger. Tell em the fashion goose sent you!

Dip and Flip

87 Battersea Rise

London SW11 1HW


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