Raw foods for breakfast in London? Where are my pancakes?

So here’s the deal. I was going to have breakfast with good friends and one of the gals recommended a place called Tanya’s Cafe in Chelsea. Sounded like the perfect sort of cool brunch place where I could grab a big stack of cakes with a hefty portion of maple syrup. Think again, Miss FFG, this was anything but. I walked in the door and the decor instantly struck me as simple perfection. I was one smitten kitten, then I looked at the menu. Ummmm… where are the pancakes, the bacon, the scrambled eggs or the puffy pastries? How am I going to get my early morning carb fix? I was in a  bit of an interesting “mood” the moment I discovered I was sitting in an all raw food establishment. How I have managed to miss that memo about Tanya’s, I cannot tell you. This place has been all over social media. Every Tom, Dick and Harry in the entertainment world has been here for breakfast at one point or another and raved about it until their fingers go numb on Twitter. 

It’s a good thing I was sitting with Tanya’s regulars who could guide me through the menu and advise what would be the best late-night-early-morning cure-all. Yes, the previous night was a rather large one (with keeping deadlines, sadly) and I was in need of some serious chow. In the end I went for the Jam Un-Toast. What is the Jam Un-Toast you ask? Well, as you may have guessed, you shouldn’t expect real toast to arrive at your table. Instead, a lovely and beautifully laid out wooden slab arrived in front of me filled with soft raisin “bread”, cashew cream cheese and raw goji jam. It was beautiful, but I was still questioning whether or not it would hit the right “spot,” you know? I’m happy to say I left the table satisfied and was pleasantly surprised by how raw food could be appetizing. I always thought people who went “raw” had a screw loose. How can you live life without indulging in complete foodie heaven every once and a while? Looks like I judged too harshly. Slap my hand! 

End result: I won’t be going back every day, but on the days I’m feeling like living the healthy life, I won’t go anywhere else. I can’t guarantee those days will come around a lot, but I’m sure my girlfriends will drag me back again and again. Everyone else I know is addicted. In short, it’s worth a try. It sure does make healthy living a little easier. 

Tanya’s Cafe

Myhotel Chelsea

35 Ixworth Place

London SW3 3QX

020 7225 7538

All photos taken with the new Olympus Pen (which is absolutely amazing… I’m in love).

Fashion Foie Gras is an ambassador for Olympus in the UK.


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