4 women making a difference, that you should know about right now

If you ever needed proof that one person on this earth can truly make a difference, look no further. You may remember last week I introduced you to Moroccanoil’s new Inspired campaign. They’ve teamed up with a group of women that are seriously making waves in what they do in their everyday lives. They give shamelessly to their cause and ask very little in return and Moroccanoil has taken the time to recognize these individuals for what they are – hero. I’m proud to feature these women here, as I do believe each and every one of them is making a change in our world – a world that is more concerned these days with other things, yet they continue to work tirelessly to provide hope to everyone and everything, from teenagers to dogs in need. 

This morning, I ask that you take a few moments and really digest what you are about to see. These videos are not put together to plug their respective projects. These videos are put together to honour each and every contribution that has been made by these four women. I sit here today entirely floored by what is presented and inspired to find my own way to make a difference. Moroccanoil, thank you for taking time to highlight these women to the world. In doing so, I do believe you’ll awaken something within us all, while also proving the power of one is stronger than any one of us recognize on a daily basis.

Please watch. This will change your day, guaranteed.


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