Who wore it better? FFG vs. Miranda Kerr in Polo Ralph Lauren

Miranda Kerr wearing Polo Ralph Lauren

I’m fully aware I’m setting myself up for failure here. Blogger vs. Victoria’s Secret model- am I crazy? Possibly. Yet here we are and I’m putting myself up against Miranda Kerr in today’s “who wore it better?” 

Kerr recently stepped out in a Polo Ralph Lauren Leather Fringe jacket, the same one I fell in love with in  New York two weeks ago at the launch of the store. I have to hand it to Miranda Kerr, she has taste (or maybe I should be handing it to her stylist?).  She’s chosen to really dress up her fringe moment, whereas I went full on Polo for mine. I just felt the fringed loveliness wanted to play dress up with its store friends, right? It’s fitting to wear Polo head to toe and actually I think Miranda Kerr should think about giving it a go. For now, however, I give her two thumbs up for originality in creating a whole new look for a Polo Ralph Lauren staple piece.

{Image of Miranda Kerr: Instagram}


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