When Anna Wintour tells you to cut your hair, you cut your hair

Caroline Wozniacki haircut

Remember Karlie Kloss’s haircut? She went from long to short overnight, under strict instructions from Anna Wintour. There have been countless others reported as well. When Anna tells you to cut, you run, not walk, to the nearest hairdresser. For those not believing the rumors, today we have proof. Tennis pro Caroline Wozniacki took to instagram to share a picture of her newest do and shared, “Loving my new haircut! Thank you Anna Wintour for telling me I need one and setting it up for me.” A ha! There you have it, folks. When Anna talks, the fashionable women of this world, or those hoping to be fashionable, all listen. Caroline, it’s definitely a makeover and one that was a suggestion for a positive new style direction. Advice well served, Ms. Wintour. 

Images: Caroline’s instagram


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