What I wore for London Fashion Week: Jewellery

Coldlilies Jewellery

This fashion week I was wearing a lot of bling and loving every minute of it. In case you haven’t already been able to tell, I’m obsessed with all things golden and the lovely ladies over at the luxury jewellery site, Coldlilies, offered to loan me a few pieces to wear for the week. I chose all pieces that were reasonably priced, knowing that I might end up buying them all and also knowing that I operate in this life on a budget. 

For day one I wore the Carnival Cat necklace £95. Never before have I been asked so many times in one day about a piece I was sporting. Everyone wanted to know where they could get this simple golden accessory. It is striking, yet simple – all good things when it comes to a stellar piece of jewellery you can wear everyday. Dear Coldlilies, go ahead and mark this piece down as sold as I don’t think I can send it back. I am IN LOVE.

Coldlilies Jewellery

For Burberry and Tom Ford, I chose to accent my attire with the Velma Cuff £265. Both shows require a bit of flare and this beautiful and complex cuff was the perfect accompaniment to my rather elaborate attire.

Coldlilies Jewellery

And finally, for Topshop I wore the Eliza Earrings £175. It can’t be gold all the time. Sometimes you have to add a bit of colour and these earrings display the ideal hint of blue. Again, a stellar statement that will be hard to say goodbye to.

A huge thank you to Coldlilies for providing me with beautiful golden moments for fashion week. It was such a pleasure to sport your beautiful collection of fabulous designers. 


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