Tried and Tested: Polo Ralph Lauren Autumn Winter 2014 Favourite Pieces

Polo Ralph Lauren outfit

So I’ve covered The Polo Ralph Lauren 4D catwalk experience in Central Park; I’ve given you a look inside the Polo store on Fifth Avenue from first to third floor; and I’ve even had a religious java experience inside Ralph’s Coffee, which has quickly become THE place to meet for a cuppa in NYC. So what’s left missing here? Well, I couldn’t go into Polo Ralph Lauren for the first time and not try on some of the beautiful clothing. That would be like sitting in the middle of a candy store and announcing you are living a sugar-free existence. 

My “trying on” started innocently enough. I saw a shearling vest I’d love to have in my closet and just threw it on over my t-shirt (not at all how I’d style in in real life, but I wasn’t thinking “FFG coverage” at this point). As you can see, this wasn’t the start of a professional photoshoot. I was goofing around in my happy place….

Polo Ralph Lauren Shearling Vest

Then, things turned a bit more serious. I found the dressing rooms at Polo Ralph Lauren and was ended. They were spacious, luxurious and oh too easy to occupy for hours on end trying on this and that, from dresses to high heeled boots.

Polo Ralph Lauren Dressing Room

The Navajo carpet became my runway and I, all of the sudden, became a woman possessed. I needed to try on as much as possible to get a real “feel” for the brand. Ok, that’s just a lie I told myself to justify playing dress up. I did, however, get so carried away that I actually ended up inviting other people into the dress-up tent. Nicole from Red Magazine joined me for an impromptu styling moment. Although it’s always hard standing next to this woman and she’s one of the best stylists in London and she’s always a walking advertisement for her own styling talents.

Emily Johnston and Nicola Rose

Nicola wears the Polo Ralph Lauren Mixed Media Jacket, while I’m wearing my favourite outfit of all time, the Fringed Leather Jacket and Polo Ralph Lauren Hand Knit Maxi Dress.

What you can’t see in the picture are the amazing Suede Helene boots I’m working – that give me at least an extra four inches to work with here.

Polo Ralph Lauren high heeled boots

Oh, and here’s a closer look at that beautiful dress

Polo Ralph Lauren knitted dress

Last, but certainly not least, I feel in love with a shearling trimmed sweater. Oh how I regret not buying this piece on the spot. Now, I’ll have to order online and wait for it. It was one of those pieces that seemed like an indulgence at the time, and then I left the store and it became a necessity. This is THE most comfortable knitwear, and looks amazing when layered with a long sleeve shirt and jeans (or so I’m imagining).

Polo Ralph Lauren shearling sweater

Polo Ralph Lauren shearling sweater

While I would definitely say YOU HAVE TO check out the Polo Ralph Lauren Fifth Avenue store, if you can’t make it to New York, the entire Polo Ralph Lauren collection is available to shop online.

Pictures taken with the Olympus Pen. FFG is an ambassador for Olympus in the UK.


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