Made for You: Pieces I can’t live without

There are certain pieces in every woman’s wardrobe (or bag of tricks as I like to call it) that feel like they were put on this planet just for you, exclusively for you in fact. They make their way into your daily life and they stick with you until the bitter end. These pieces for me are the ones that I find I rely on. They are the staples that hold my style together and there are four in particular that I’d be lost without. They are, in my mind, made for me.

First, and for long-time readers of FFG you’ll know this to be my obsession, I am constantly worshipping the striped shirt. For years I searched high and low for one that was the perfect fit, with the right length and the perfect boatneck opening. When I finally tripped upon this gorgeous piece in Cos, it truly was a match made in heaven. Naturally I had to buy all its brothers and sisters as well. When a piece is “made for you,” it’s a necessity to have back ups.

Speaking of matches made in heaven, the next item that feels made for me is Revlon’s ColorStay foundation. One would think it was impossible to find anything that matches you perfectly in a drug store, but Revlon has proven me wrong and become a mainstay in my life with the ColorStay foundation. This product comes in two finishes – Combination/Oily or Normal/Dry – and blends perfectly with any skin tone so that you can get full coverage without the awkward look of mismatched tones. It’s truly a wonder and keeps me looking as fresh as the flowers I love collecting while home in the southern states of America.

Now moving onto an item that truly was designed to sling from my shoulder. I’ve had this classic leather tote for as long as I can remember. It’s a fine leather and only seems to get better with age. Each and every scratch mark or crinkle is a memory and with each passing year, this becomes more and more of an original piece exclusive to me and me only. I do believe every woman will have that one tote that means the world to them in their lifetime. We do manage to carry everything but the kitchen sink, don’t we, ladies?

As a kid I can remember women always telling me stories about their jewellery when I would ask about a pretty ring or a gorgeous bracelet. Their stories had such energy, such beauty, and I knew I’d always be a person that wears jewellery as a sentiment. This classic golden bracelet is just such a piece and it’s made even more special by the fact that I received it the same time another golden man came into my life, the one you see pictured here. The three of us, the bracelet, Boomer and myself, were made to exist together.

And just as an added outtake, seems Boomer the golden retriever couldn’t resist proving himself as my final “made for me” item on the list. Yes, he was a blessing that was truly meant for me and me only. It should be noted that he promptly ate this flower straight out of my hand seconds after this shot was taken. That little rascal. He was certainly made to drive me crazy!


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