Let’s talk “inspiring women”

Every day I get roughly 800-2,000 emails in my inbox. Most of those emails are focused on fashion, and half are probably focused on women in the industry of fashion. Then there are a handful that step outside the realm of style, and concentrate more on the idea of women as heroines. These emails are few and far between, but when I get them, I open them and sit-up to pay attention to the news they are spreading. Today, I’m sharing with you a campaign that’s about inspiring women and it’s one that’s inspiring me personally. 

It’s so easy to get wrapped up in the day-to-day and really focus in on the nitty gritty of life as we work our 9-to-5 jobs. In my opinion, it takes an incredibly strong woman to pass on an everyday lifestyle and, instead, choose to refocus their attention on making change in the world. I would love to be someone that steps up behind these women and says, “thank you for doing what so many aren’t brave enough to do.” But, it seems someone has beat me to the punch. Well, plenty of people have, but today I’d like to talk about Moroccanoil and a new programme that truly has me excited about their future.

Moroccanoil have teamed up with six women to create a campaign called “Inspired by Women.” They want to share the tales of inspiration that drive us all as individuals and their initially offering of amazing stories it just that, amazing. Rosie Huntington-Whiteley leads the pack as the ambassador for the Moroccanoil Inspired by Women campaign. She joins five other women who will have their tales of heroism told through a series of short films, directed by the beautiful Bryce Dallas Howard. Even the director is inspiring. And naturally, that’s why I’m sharing this with you all. This is a powerhouse of women – captains of their selective fields – and I hope it will inspire you as it has me. 

I invite you to meet the women featured in Moroccanoil’s first video, highlighting the kickoff of the campaign, herewith. Look out for another post soon as I am very excited to share these women’s stories as individuals. 

To Moroccanoil – thank you for taking the time to remind us all that even one woman can make a massive change in the world. 

And also take time to watch Rosie’s video… I think it says it all.


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