Is Roberto Cavalli calling out Kim Kardashian in his latest blog post on Instagram?

Roberto Cavalli Instagram

Roberto Cavalli- you have to love the man. He is a fashion legend, there is no doubt about that. He’s also a guy that speaks his mind. And let’s be honest here, he’s earned the right to. For those of you that don’t follow his blog, you are missing out. Cavalli takes to the world wide web to share thoughts on everything from travel to lifestyle and he isn’t one to shy away from controversy. Take his latest blog post, for example. Roberto Cavalli takes on the subject of instagram and he has a thing or two to say about everything from the Ice Bucket Challenge to girls with big butts taking over Instagram. Yikes, I’m getting ahead of myself.

Cavalli starts his blog post by telling us all how much he loves Instagram. “I love to browse Instagram,” Cavalli writes. “I find it funny and full of talented people who want to express themselves through their images.” Right on, my friend? It’s the most addictive social media platform yet. However, what I love here is that Roberto Cavalli himself loves instagram, not some assistant or helper – Cavalli himself. He scrolls the pictures, likes and comments as he sees fit. 

Roberto Cavalli continues in his post by describing how he would like to share more with his followers:

“I want to show everyone the beauty of the places I visited on my holidays… I’m holding back because I don’t know how many of you would be interested. My fans expect photos of fashion… and love to comment on them… the artist displays his work and welcomes informed critiques… My desire is to let you know me, show you who’s behind the stylist who many love and respect…”

Roberto Cavalli then announces he will spend the next month introducing himself to us and sharing every facet of his life including the most important people from “all walks of life.” And here’s one of the most brilliant lines that follows that announcement – “you do not need to be famous to be a special person.” Oh, Cavalli. 

Then, things take a bit of an awkward turn towards the end of Cavalli’s latest love-in. 

The Ice Bucket Challenge comes up and he says, “Instagram seems to have become a big ass game show with fools caught in the Ice Bucket Challenge… it’s just advertising… they could have donated money without exhibitionism…Too many issues are changing the world. With our love, our intelligence and our culture we should stop vulgarity and stupidity…”

Then the topic moves to those who have loads of followers on Instagram (Roberto Cavalli has over 288,000 followers currently on Instagram). He writes, Have you noticed that there are some people with millions of followers… how have some of them won so many followers? With their huge rear ends… with vulgar images… they have paid for their followers…

Now, when it comes to rear ends, is it just me or is there one family in particular that has large rear ends and millions of Instagram followers? Is Roberto Cavalli suggesting that the Kardashians have paid for their followers? I was pretty certain Cavalli and Kardashians were a tight knit group, so tight in fact that I’m sure it would have been suggested Cavalli change his name to Kavalli to fit in more. Ha! Only kidding.

Of course Roberto Cavalli could be calling out any number of big bottomed girls on instagram these days. Big bums are, in fact, all the rage at the moment. So this is all mere speculation. 

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