In preparation for NYFW: A Gloss & Polish at home

Gloss and Polish London

I have this theory that one day every single thing we usually run
around like crazy people doing, outside the home, will all be brought inside the
home. Oh wait, that’s already happening, isn’t it? I guess, as a kid, that was
more of a luxurious dream. Not having to leave the house to get groceries, get
a haircut, nails done, etc etc. Pretty much anything you can imagine having to
leave the house for these days, can come to you. Amazing right? I’m trying all
these things out one day at a time and slowly adjusting to the idea that I
could become a total recluse and still live a luxury lifestyle while doing so.
Might put a dent in the making money part, but hey, I could always start a
Youtube channel about my reclusive ways and rack up the big bucks on
advertising. I think an idea has just been born, people.

In all seriousness, a good friend recommended a fantastic company in
my time of need last week. I had been on the ground in London for 48 hours and
was already packing for another transatlantic trip. So much for the recluse
idea. In my rush to get everything done quickly, I didn’t have time to do
anything about the nails situation. I call it a situation because it was so bad
I’m pretty sure one of my big toes had started to turn a lovely shade of
mustard underneath polish that hadn’t been changed out in a quite some time (also… can’t believe I’m actually sharing pictures of my feet herewith).

So, I called in recommended reinforcements called “Gloss and
Polish.” Gloss and Polish is a mobile nails company. They work aroundyou and for you. You give them a ring or book
online and a magical fairy (or a lovely nail technician, rather) appears on
your doorstep ready to transform those ugly tips and toes into something
worthy of a front row appearance.

Within one hour I had beautiful, shiny, impressive gel nails and
toenails that were guaranteed to see me through the next fortnight of hell in
New York and London. Rather ashamedly, I sat on the couch like a sack of
potatoes as my lovely nail angel gave new life and colour to my hands and feet.
We had Friends on in the background and we laughed together as I moved as
little as possible in a bid to regain some sort of strength. Oh man, I can just
see how you are picturing this now. I might as well have a soap opera on the TV
and bon-bons to hand. I know, I know, hard life.

Gloss and Polish truly are fantastic. They do nails and only nails
and they cost less than what I was paying at my local salon. How they do that,
I have no clue. But I’d rather not ask questions and just enjoy a fantastic
result in the end. Defintiely worth checking out, ladies and gents, if you are
in London and love some at-home pampering.

Gloss and Polish London

Gloss and Polish London


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