Gillette selling razors through the art of music

It’s interesting these days what companies are doing to “think outside the box” when it comes to selling products that have been around forever. It can’t be easy when some of these things have been advertised for decades. Take razors, for example. How many ways can you sell a razor? Its job is to remove hair. There isn’t anything terribly sexy or fancy about that and for years ad guys have been coming up with new ways to keep us entertained and sold in print and on tv. However, seems it isn’t enough to showcase the good work a blade can do nowadays. You have to get creative. Enter Gillette and their new way of showing you they are “the best a man can get.” 

Now, I hope you aren’t expecting anything like a man shaving his face. That would be way too easy and predictable. Gillette are going artsy here, folks. To showcase their new razor, featuring a ball that makes it look like a Dyson hoover, Gillette have used a piano. Certainly you are thinking – “but a piano doesn’t have hair.” You would be right, dear reader. But, a piano does make sweet sweet music and Gillette are giving their razors an opportunity to show movement through music this time around.

This is the future of razors… 


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