Fashion, and now furniture, inspired by french fries

french fries bed

So I’m pretty sure that 2014 should go down in history as the year of the french fry. French fries were ramped up on the catwalk back in February when Moschino sent down a catwalk full of references to McDonald’s golden potatoes. Everywhere you looked, after the show, women on the streets of fashion cities could be found with iPhone covers featuring the Moschino french fries. Every single time I even glanced at the golden arches, all I saw were accessories that cost more than it would cost for a human being to live on McDonalds for a year. 

Now, it seems fashion has influenced furniture. Of course that’s not surprising at all. Furniture designers are often inspired by what happens on the catwalk during fashion week. But this, well this is taking things to a new level. 

Presenting the french fry bed, complete with a french fry container headboard and french fries that are in fact soft long pillows ready for snuggling. What do you think? Fancy laying in your fancy fry bed while texting from your Moschino iPhone and eating McDonald’s french fries? 

French fry bed

{Via Foodiggity}


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