Currently Obsessed: Cecily London’s Silvania’s Bird & Feather Golden Necklace

Cecily London gold necklace

I’m one of those people who obsess over new additions to the wardrobe. When I say obsess, I quite honestly mean I don’t take it off for weeks, months, sometimes years. I have three bracelets on my wrist, all given to me by the most important people in my life, that haven’t seen a day of rest in over four years. That’s just to drive the point home that when I love something, I love completely. 

Which brings me to my latest obsession. Have you guys heard of the brand Cecily London? They are a smaller brand that produces a variety of simple pieces of jewelry. Actually, it feels wrong to call their pieces simple. They are simple in nature, but beautifully complex in detail. My current obsession is with the Cecily London Silvania necklace, which is the perfect midsized length and features two beautiful pendants, a hummingbird and quill. I have worn this piece on the beach in Maine, on the red carpet in London and to countless lunches, breakfasts and dinners. In short, it’s my new staple. I can’t pinpoint why, but it feels like a piece that will always be dear to my heart. 

This is definitely a brand that should be on your radar, for yourself or for gifting loved ones in your life. Check them out {}

Cecily London gold necklace

Cecily London box

Pictures taken with the Olympus Pen. FFG is an ambassador for Olympus in the UK.


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