Claire Danes covers Harper’s Bazaar UK October 2014

Claire Danes Harper's Bazaar UK

Homeland star Claire Danes covers Harper’s Bazaar UK this month, looking the polar opposite of how we are used to seeing the star on screen these days. Of course, it’s strange at all referring to Claire Danes as anything but the My-So-Called Life star from years’ past. Even that, however, is wildly unfair as this actress has become one of the most respected talents of our time. 

Talking about talent, I have a thousand times more respect for Claire after reading about her take on her “Cry Face,” which has led to many a social shaming. Claire states:

‘I’m surprised it’s so surprising,’ she says, before adding: ‘I have my guy, who thinks I’m pretty enough in our life together, so I don’t need to be seducing the audience that way.’ 

Gotta love Claire Danes and her wicked approach to just about everything in life.  


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