Chanel’s headphones will cost you £4,170

Chanel headphones

Chanel headphones

Who doesn’t love a good set of Monster headphones? They produce some of the best beats in the business. Naturally, if you’re the best in one biz, you have to pair up with another market leader. Enter a collaboration that will unite the fashion and music world once again. Chanel and Monster are releasing headphones this season and they are just as beautiful as you would imagine them to be. 

The Chanel and Monster headphones are covered in iconic quilted leather that Chanel is famous for in its leather goods. They’ll even come complete with the famous double Cs, appropriately placed so that the whole world may know that you are wearing the most expensive headphones in existence – the price tag is set at £4,170. Now, let’s go ahead and point out that you’re not just getting headphones for the price of a small car, you’re also getting a beautiful carrying case that also showcases typical Chanel characteristics. 

So the big question here is will you buy a Chanel handbag or headphones this season? 


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