10 new things we learned about Anna Wintour from her 73 questions video with Vogue

Anna Wintour

You HAVE to watch this video. This is not a post you just click on and move along. Watch Anna Wintour in full, from question 1 to 73,  as she walks around the Vogue office cheerful and lovely as a bouquet of daisies. She even takes a call from the beautiful and charming Mr. Oscar de la Renta. Here are ten reasons this Anna Wintour video is worth watching, otherwise known as ten facts we found completely surprising in watching this “Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride” around Vogue.

1. Anna Wintour does not like the word “Journey” in fashion. Ummmm interesting. Designers, take note and ban this word from your vocabulary permanently. 

2. Anna believes Brooklyn is “the new Silicon Valley.”

3. Anna Wintour cannot sing. Sadly, no musicals starring the Editor of Vogue anytime soon, people.

4. You will never ever see Anna Wintour in head to toe black. Karlie Kloss cleared that up for us. 

5. Anna Wintour is a Jane Austen fan, watch the video below to find out her favourite book.

6. When asked what Anna misses about England, she responds with ‘humor’. Make of that what you will.

7. Anna Wintour does not drink.

8. Although Anna says the greatest invention of all time is anything by Apple, she still uses a flip phone. Well, isn’t that interesting.

9. It seems Anna may be trying to learn Chinese but is having difficulty.

And finally, Anna Wintour has NEVER TAKEN A SELFIE. What a surprise.

Watch all those and 63 more facts revealed in this week’s 73 Questions with Anna Wintour.


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