Would you tattoo the Reebok logo to get a yearlong sponsorship? This is happening, people…

Reebok is trying an interesting new approach to marketing. Released today, Reebok have launched a new campaign in Sweden called “Reebok Forever.”. Now stick with me here on this as I still can’t believe myself that I’m writing what I’m about to write.

According to the website, Reebok will have a real tattoo studio set up on site at Tough Viking in Stockholm next weekend. Between the hours of 10am and 6pm, athletes are encouraged to show their support of Reebok and their devotion to fitness by getting a tattoo of the Reebok logo on their body – anywhere on their body. The trick here is that the winner is determined by the size of the tattoo. So should you think you would show up and get a little tiny logo on your ankle and take home the prize, think again. Go big or go home – just like the fitness motto. 

The winner takes home a year long sponsorship deal from Reebok valued at 40,000 SEK or roughly $5,700. If you get the tattoo and don’t win, you get to walk away with a tattoo you’ll have a lot of fun explaining to friends and a gift basket from Reebok. Honestly, everyone’s a winner here, right? 

Honestly, what’s next? 

Via: D&S Media Group 


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