Which airline offers the best first class amenity kit?

If you’re lucky enough to be a first class frequent flyer, you’ll know the ins and outs of amenities kits. However, surely no one on earth will ever be able to put together a comprehensive analysis of amenity kits and how they stack up. That would more or less require constant flying, on every airline, in first class. If that job exists, I’d like to put my own name forward for the job please.  Getting off track.

Cheapflights.com have actually done the dirty work for us all in rating First Class amenity kits and what you will discover is quite simply stunning. The review covers 27 airlines and lays out the contents of each amenities bag, with descriptions of each product included. Truly, this is an eye opener.

Here are a few of our top ranking favorites for first class amenity bags:

1. United Airlines

First class amenities bag

2. Turkish Airlines

First class amenities bag

3. Qatar Airlines

First class amenities bag

4. Japan Airlines

First class amenities bag

5. Eithad

First class amenities bag


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