Weekly Reheat: Charleston, puppies, accessories and more

weekly reheat

If you aren’t following FFG on Instagram well, I just have to ask why not?! Get thee over and push that “follow” button now. For those of you that are, and those of you that aren’t, here’s a quick reheat of what exactly went on while on the job this week. There was a little bit of visiting home, a lot of playing around with accessories combinations and some rather unexpected moments – like my reaction to a Krispy Kreme truck sign. Brace yourselves, here’s a look at what goes on inside this crazy brain of mine when it comes to capturing moments in time.

statement bag

Just addicted to everything Stuart Weitzman at the moment. Paired these metallic flats with a bag from Target and a skirt from Old Navy. Simple and sweet. 

Krispy Kreme

So you know that Krispy Kreme picture I was referencing? Oh yeah, here it is, large and in charge just like that gorgeous glazed goodies. 

MCM clutch

Working an MCM clutch, some ray bans and Coach slip-ons while reading Southern Living. Enough said. 

Target candle

There was something so special about his candle. I love the idea of there being a candle that can make a person feel instantly beautiful. Sadly, this doesn’t really do what it says on the tin, but imagine if it did have that magical ability. Imagine how it could change the world.

golden retriever

Yeah, that’s Boomer the fashion dog doing his favourite pose – the frog legs. 

Ralph Lauren Ricky Bag

I’m feeling blue in this picture, can’t you tell? Blue Ralph Lauren Ricky, blue Coach bangle, blue nail varnish and a blue detailed Lily Pulitzer skirt. Yeah, that came together nicely.

olympus pen

I’ve already told you guys all about my Olympus Pen and I thought she deserved a beautiful selfie debut on instagram. 

Hominy Grill Charleston

My mother always used to say “no grits, no glory.” It’s the southern way of saying “No guts, no Glory.” It just works. And speaking of grits, this picture was taken in downtown Charleston. It’s an old sign but the sentiment remains the same. Some people still eat grits here daily and others mix their grits with shrimp for a special local taste.


Charleston’s greatest pleasures are found down side streets, down lanes and around unexpected corners. This beautiful gate led to a garden full of treasures and beautiful green spaces. Could have spent all day there. 


Charleston is full of surprising and splendid architecture. Just take this lovely feature found through the city – a front door to your porch. Of course, this isn’t just any porch. This is a wrap around porch on a house that has seen its fair share of great history. It’s the entryway to another land, the doorway to home. 

southern food

There is nothing better than good friends and family gathering for a lovely home cooked meal. I am so blessed to have amazing people in my life here in the Southern States of America. I have to be honest, London. It’s going to be really tough to come home this time around.


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