The London Storage Problem solved — bySTORED


I am American by birth. I grew up in the land where closets are walk-in and attics hold anything that doesn’t fit in the closet. Bascially, America is a storage dream. There is always enough room for everything. I just wish I could say the same about London. Moving to London I found that my new bathroom was the size of my closet and my new closet was the size of, well nothing I could think to compare anything to. Then came moving in with Mr. FFG. Don’t get me started on that storage problem. It wasn’t pretty. Let’s just say storage is an issue and I needed some help.

Well, folks, I have to tell you about a storage solution that’s new to London and the most glamourous and easy to use storage system I’ve ever heard of. It’s called bySTORED and it’s all about making storage as easy and as classy as possible. How exactly is storage classy? Well, when you keep your belongings with bySTORED, you’re smart black boxes for storage are delivered and picked up by men in bow ties. Oh yeah, this is like the Net-a-Porter of storage. 

You determine how many boxes you need to store your things, bySTORED then comes to your house with the boxes requested and then comes again to pick them up and place them in their London warehouse for storage. Seriously, could this be easier? 

Here’s the best part. If you need anything from your storage, you can arrange for the box to be back to you within 24 hours, scheduled in two hour time slots. Truly these guys have thought of everything.

So what am I storing? Well, for starters I’m storing my summer wardrobe once the weather decides to descend back to dreary town. I am also storing everything that I have bought for the dream house one day… that will hopefully one day come into existence. Don’t tell Mr. FFG, but a few of his belongings are making their way into some bySTORED boxes as well.

PS. Use the discount code ‘SPACIOUS’ to get one month free when you order!


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