The best ad for Uber ever, courtesy of actress Jaime King

Jaime King uber

Jaime King recently appeared on the Conan O’Brien show and the talk turned to babies very quickly. Jaime was describing the night of the birth and the worry that her husband wouldn’t make it to the festivities on time. Sorry, maybe the wrong description there. Anywho, here’s Jaime in labour, at home, all by herself. So what does one do in LA when they need to get to the hospital in a rush? Well, you certainly wouldn’t do something as “dramatic” as calling an ambulance. Oh hell no. You grab the phone and call Uber cars

Yes, folks, Jaime King just gave a major endorsement to Uber, on national television, as a better form of transportation in times of emergency than an ambulance. As she says, “at least you know it will be there in three minutes. With an ambulance you never know.” Good point, Jaime. We won’t go into all the reasons you wouldn’t call an Uber for such an occasion, but it sure seemed to work for Jaime, who has since welcomed a beautiful and healthy baby to the family. 


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