The $500,000 closet has been robbed!

Just last week I wrote about a $500,000 closet in Texas. Remember? It was a three-story build with a champagne bar included?

Well, I am saddened to report that the dream closet has been ransacked. After the wide-spread press about the heavenly home to fashion’s finest goods, it seems some thieves saw this an excellent opportunity to help themselves. Culturemap Houston is reporting that Theresa Roemer’s closet was robbed on Friday night as she and her husband dashed out for a quick dinner. As they were in such a hurry, she forgot to set the alarm. 

Sadly, burglars saw this an opportunity and entered through the window in the master bedroom. There were seemingly well versed in Roemer’s closet (as they had obviously seen all the press about the goodies inside) and headed straight for the most valuable floor – the one with all the Birkins! As we learned from the closet details, the first floor of Roemer’s $500,000 closet is filled with bags and jewelry. Thieves made off with over $1 million worth of goodies. 

What’s the lesson here? Think before publicizing. Aw, the internet, a great place for fame and an even better place for thieves. 

In all seriousness, we’re just glad no one in the Roemer family was hurt and hoping that the Birkin bags find their way home soon. 


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