Skirting the issue: Marks & Spencer Geometric Skirt makes a serious style statement

marks and spencer geometric skirt

Yes, yes, I know I’m always going on about statement style. Sorry about that. But, I do believe having a few statement pieces to add to your wardrobe every season is just good fashion practice. The statement piece doesn’t always have to cost a fortune, in fact it might just be the least expensive purchase you make all season. Case in point, today’s must purchase product. 

Marks & Spencer’s Limited Collection features a number of pieces worth a look this season, but I fell instantly head over heels in love with this M&S Geometric Skirt {£35} above all else. I mean it’s only £35. The price tag alone made me do a double take. But it all comes back to being able to purchase wardrobe updates that don’t cost the moon and more. And this, folks, is one of those items. I’ll just say you may want to go ahead and purchase now as a little birdie told me this zippy number won’t be in stock long.

Oh and just a quick note on style – I’m wearing mine with a button down chambray shirt and big black boots for a pre-fall look. 


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