Shopping Edit: Beauty Must Haves from Cult Beauty

Cult beauty

1. Cult 51 {£125} – This has repeatedly sold out on the site, and for good reason. Imagine a cream that can give attention to absolutely every skin requirement in one night. Oh yeah, you just tripped onto the fountain of youth. Well worth the price of the bottle. 

2. Dr. Lipps Nipple Balm for Lips {£11.50} – Since this was given to me four years ago, I’ve never used another lip balm. The name is true to the story. This balm was originally used to soothe nursing mothers, now it’s a staple in the fashion industry used for everything from lips to highlighting cheeks. It’s a miracle product. 

3. Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz {£15.50} – People in the know swear by this eyebrow pencil. 

4. Living Proof Style Extender {£18} – This is the key to keeping your hard earned style in place for longer. Those curls that took you hours to get just right will be preserved for much longer with this secret tool up your sleeve. Hey, Jennifer Anniston swears by it.

5. Living Proof No Frizz Set {£25} – Yes, there are two Living Proofs in a row here. This is a set that will have you hooked to the whole product line, especially in these times of intense humidity. Say goodbye to frizz with a frizz fighter that makes every product pale in comparison.

6. Erno Laszlo’s Sea Mud Deep Cleansing Bar {£45} – I just started using this soap last week and I am amazed at the transformation this has allowed for, combined with Laszlo’s famous 30 splash technique. {more to come on this later next month}

7. T3 Featherweight hairdryer {£155} – This is the one hairdryer I’d say is worth every penny of the purchase. It’s a lot to pay for a blowdryer, but it really does make all the difference. 

8. Keyvn Aucoin The Creamy Glow {£21} – If you are looking for a healthy and dewy glow, this is your blush of choice. It glides on for a creamy soft complexion and sticks in place all day. Forget pinching your cheeks, this is the new pinch in your pocket. 

9. Mio The Body Brush {£14.50} – If you aren’t brushing your body as much as your hair these days, you are missing out on one of the best beauty regimes to keep your body in tip top condition. 

10. Alpha-H Liquid Gold {£31.50} – Like it says on the packaging, this really is liquid gold and I’m surprised it isn’t costing us all a lot more to purchase. I call it my “ugly attacker.” All the things you hate on your face from signs of age to discoloration, this little bottle eliminates. 

NOTE: Cut Beauty ships worldwide.


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