Pantene Pro-V starting a campaign to stop women saying “sorry”?

Well this is certainly unexpected. Pantene Pro-V launched a commercial last month championing the idea that women should stop apologizing. Ummm… what? Seriously, of all the things to be a champion of, this particular cause seems somewhat ridiculous. Most women I know say “sorry” simply because they are being polite. It’s become a turn of phrase that’s just part of our language and I seem to hear it just as often from men these days as I do women. 

“Don’t be sorry. Be Strong and Shine,” the ad tells us, all of us women out there. Then it shows women saying “Sorry, not sorry.” Sorry, Pantene, but there’s no way I am going to go around saying “Sorry, not sorry.” If ever there were a way to be labelled as an instant bitch with an attitude problem – this is it. 

Listen, I totally get what you guys are trying to do here, Pantene, and I appreciate that you are trying to empower women but surely there’s a better cause out there to support with your advertising dollars. Perhaps starting a scholarship programme or maybe taking Pantene to places where women can’t even afford to buy shampoo would be a good idea? Or better yet, how about supplying communities with water so that women can shower at all? 

And, what about men that are Pantene buyers? If I were a dude, I’d take one look at this ad and head for a different product section when buying my next bottle of shampoo.

Sorry, I’m not sorry, Pantene. See, it just doesn’t work. Sincerely, I am sorry you decided to spend your ad dollars on this campaign.


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