Naomi Campbell eats a pizza with Azzedine Alaia in Brixton for Bruce Weber

Naomi Campbell Brixton Pizza

Naomi Campbell and Azzedine Alaia headed to Brixton for British Vogue and the whole experience was captured on camera by Bruce Weber. Yes, there is a sort of magic to this short film. Seeing Campbell back in Brixton, surrounded by family and friends and being so kind to the people of her past is all together quite heartwarming. Naturally, Bruce Weber films the whole thing in his trademark style that truly does capture a moment. It’s a fun video to watch and also an informative one. We’ve come away learning loads about Miss Campbell. Top facts and figures from Naomi Campbell: Back in Brixton:

1. This girl knows her hot sauce.

2. We can confirm that Naomi Campbell does in fact eat pizza, in the video.

3. My goodness, Naomi Campbell is so pleasant to absolutely everyone. Have all the reports we’ve heard over the years been endless lies?

4. Naomi Campbell featured in the Bob Marley video “Is this Love” when she was seven in 1978.

5. This lady loves fish. Yes, she declares it so, while surrounded by a lot of them.

6. Naomi Campbell’s mother and grandmother are gorgeous… on another level gorgeous.

7. Special mention: The bodyguard you see at Naomi Campbell’s side wearing the Barbour Jacket just happens to be our personal favourite member of security we see every season at London Fashion Week.


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